The New "New Year" + Balance

Monday, August 27, 2012

Last week was just kind of weird for me.
I think I pictured myself immediately starting a big project to keep myself busy once the kids were
in school all day.
Either that or laying in bed crying with a bottle of wine and a Gilmore Girls marathon.
I did neither.
I did my usual housework, grocery shopping, errands and laundry, then I did accomplish a little
shop work, too.
But,  then the rest of the time I feel like I kind of went back and forth between a few different
things without getting a whole lot done, kinda floating, kinda project -ADHD if you will.

So for this week I decided I needed a plan.
Notebook, sketch book and calendar out so I could start jotting down ideas.
This is how I am going to find my groove I have decided.
I feel a bit of the excitement for this New Year, you know, the school year, not the one that
happens in January.
This feels kinda like that for me; a fresh start.
The plus side is that it's not January and there is no snow on the ground.
Oooh, I think I like this new New Year thing.

So I learned last week that 2'nd grade = homework.
This is new to us.
Can I just tell you that I HATED homework?
Mostly I hated Math homework but I was never a homework girl.
I mean I did it(usually) but didn't like it... I had things to do...friends to play with.

I am trying to find balance for after school/evenings around here.
Play time + homework + baths + dinner + bed time/ seems like there is plenty of time
for it all but then.... there's not.
And that is with NO after-school activities, folks.
So, starting today we are starting a no TV rule for Monday-Thursday.
I think instead of seriously limiting TV, for my kids at least(oldest in particular) it will be easier
for them and me, just to know that there is no TV at all on those days.
They didn't seem to mind when I told them of the new plan last night but we will see how it goes.

I am not against TV.
I like to watch TV and do not think we are the family that could go completely TV-less...or rather
we could if we had to of course but I just wouldn't want to myself.
Does anyone else do this-- cut TV out completely during the school week?

So, besides having clothes out and lunches semi-packed the night before... do you have any other
pointers for me on how to make mornings run smoothly?
They have gone fine so far, I just really, really don't want to get into that rushed/stressed
morning routine where you end up sending the kids off to school grumpy.
And by grumpy I probably mean me rather than them.

What other systems/organizing/planning ahead works for those of you that send your kids
to school?
I could use you seasoned mama's advice, I know you have lots.
I will say that I am so, so very happy that we are walking to school this year.
Besides saving time and gas and the hassle it means we are home like 2 minutes after school is out
and I love that.


I promise that every single post will not be about school from now on.
But this is my life right now...
Come back tomorrow and check out some of my favorite Iphone Photo Apps, always a fun
topic. Plus I love hearing what other's current favorites are, too!

Happy Monday.
Hope your week is off to a great start!

ps- I actually had ONE sunflower survive the drought!!! : ) Yipeee!


  1. Today was our first day back to school. It was hard. We are in the transition phase between summer and fall. It's tough for the kiddos when it still looks and feels like summer outside, but we are doing different activities (school, early bed time, no pool). I think it is just a phase thing, they sink into it and then it is the new normal, the new "school time" rules of the house. I have found I have to keep reminding them that it is school time now and we do things different than vacation time. The tv will suck time right out of you house and throw it out with the trash. I agree, tv in and of itself is fine...but during the school year it is hard to find time period. When we get home from school the girls need a break, they need down time, away from each other and really any stimulation after a long day of go, go, go. They grab a snack and pick corner of the house to hang out in for 30 minutes and then we move on to the rest of the day. It makes for a lovely transition from school to home. And as far as mornings go....heaven help me. If you get it figured out, please write a book and send me a free copy!!!!

  2. we do the m-f no TV rule too, it works out VERY WELL! but we also do the NO FRIENDS rule m-f as well and that worked out AWESOME since neighbors were ALWAYS over ringing our doorbell, once they knew our rules, they stopped!

    I think getting lunches ready the night before along with outfits can be super helpful and just waking up with LOTS of extra time, but not too much time that they get involved in a project and don't want to go to school, kwim?

    we haven't had to deal with activities except for GEMS at church every other wednesday (which we dont' have anymore and I need to find a youth program here) but this year my girls want to try swim team which is 4 days a week practice plus meets on weekends, some 2 hours away, so we shall see how that goes. they get a free trial week, so they are going to do that and see how it goes!
    I think if they do video games/computer etc. to limit those during the week as well or eliminate them with the tv.
    electronics are TIME suckers!!!
    good luck!
    it will be fine. I did it starting in k & 1st grade and it was perfect!

  3. Oh boy, this is all a struggle for me too! My kids start back tomorrow so tonight is our first school night of getting the kids to bed on time. My goal this year is to try and get lunches pretty ready the night before too. I hate packing lunches! One thing I'm going to improve upon since last year is homework time. I always let it slide because it was only due on Fridays so Thursday nights were a big deal. I guess it depends if homework is due daily or weekly but even a little bit of spelling words practice daily would help! Good luck to you!

  4. As a mom with a boy going into grade 4, I will say that there will always be those mornings when it will be stressful to get out the door. Whether it is one mitten that can't be found or someone moving slower (it happens when it is darker in the mornings....) We, too, walk to school which is about 10 minutes at a good pace, 15 minutes normally. I would counsel you to just ride with it, I try to make sure I have a little laugh with my son before he goes off into the school yard on those days - we have a Screaming Banshee who appears when we are running late (i.e. ME) and I will often make a comment about how the Screaming Banshee showed up. As for feeling ADHD while they are in school, that is completely normal. And, for me, continues unless I have my own lesson plans. My son comes home for lunch which really breaks up my day but I know these days are short lived and I will one day miss being "needed" on such a timely basis. But most of all I would counsel you to be kind to yourself and forgive yourself for those days when you choose to read a book or watch the forbidden TV Monday through Thursday. You will find your rhythm and it will take its own time.


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