Cough Drops & Miller Lite

Friday, December 14, 2012

First off--
I mean, seriously. TGIF.
I have never been happier for a Friday to get here.

So last night I decided I had to make an escape out of this germ-infested house, had to...  as in I did
not even have a choice.
It was a matter of my sanity.
My sanity won this time.
I met my friend out for a birthday drink when I probably should have been home in my pajamas recovering the rest of the way....
watching a movie on the couch with my cough drops and hot tea.
But upon re-evaluation,  I decided feeling 75% better and sitting in a booth at my favorite little bar with my friend and drinking
Miller Lite instead of hot tea, was EXACTLY what I  needed.
And guess what?
I was right!

Sometimes that's all it takes.
A few hours, a few drinks, playing the jukebox, bar pizza and lots of laughs.
Some people need massages, shopping trips or bubble baths--- this is just what I needed.

We have finally started decorating for Christmas... you know, 11 whole days ahead of time.
But we're gonna get there.
We are!!!

Thanks for all the sweet comments and love on my last post, I so appreciate it.
And brace yourself for Christmas posts from here on out... I'm nearly in the holiday spirit now :)
Have a great Friday and a happy, happy weekend y'all.


  1. YEAH! Thank the Lord you are feeling better!
    Happy decking the halls, Amy!

  2. I'm pretty fond of your "not-home remedy". You're totally my kind of lady. But seriously, feel better, okay? I'm resigned to having snot and scratchy throat for the rest of the winter, or at least when it gets cold enough to finally kill some of these bugs.

  3. So hope you all feel better. We've been puny too. Feel your pain.

  4. Yeah girl! Preach it. Bar food & good friends help. I did the same thing Saturday, and it DID help. And on top of that I'm ready for Christmas cheer, too.

    Its about time. lol... Late-starters are the best.


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