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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Life isn't just pretty pictures, at least mine isn't... and I never want anyone to think it is.
There is lots of in-between stuff, too.
Sometimes it's easy to look really close and see all of the good stuff, the beautiful stuff.
Sometimes it's much, much harder.

But in real life there is....

dirty windows
bribing for nasty cough medicine to be taken
sick and miserable kids
a Christmas tree so wimpy there is no way an ornament can be hung on it
paper towels out for cleaning up dog throw up(again)
bloody noses that means yet another load of laundry


There are also all of the things you can't see, like people struggling, friends you can't help but wish you could...
there are worries and stress and struggles beyond our control.
Sometimes it all feels like so much.
And I think it's okay to admit that, I know it is.

*There are now 3 of us home sick today; Wyatt, Charlotte and I ...Any well wishes are welcome. 
And if you have a second, prayers for mama's sanity are also welcome.


  1. So sorry you're having such a rough go of it this week. Praying you all feel better very soon!

  2. Yup. I second your emotion. So well wishes it is.


    return the favor ;) ... It just means that by Christmas we'll ALL be feeling better, right?!?


  3. Praying for you and yours. How is it that you can make the not so pretty look so beautiful? Love your photos as usual.

  4. Shoot. Sorry the germs are winning right now. And yeah, I agree. It's okay to admit it is too much at times. Our minds and hearts and physical bodies can only take so much. I think of psalm 23...and sometimes how the shepherd MAKES us lie down in green pastures because we need it and we'd probably wander to utter exhaustion of He didn't. Praying you all turn a corner today...

  5. we've been puny too. so not a good time to be sick. i understand the inbetween so well. i'm stressed to the max...waiting on a supply shipment so i can fill christmas etsy orders. in the midest of that a dear friend just miscarried... life is a constant roller coaster. praying yours comes to a stop soon.

  6. I was just arguing with God yesterday about how He should really keep all the sick kiddos, the unhealthy family issues, the money stresses till after the holidays. And then He said to my heart, "so what you're saying is you need me...?" To which I replied, (with a huge/I am so very wrong AGAIN/sigh) "yes." May He be all that you need today.

  7. HUGS!!! It's tough when the kids are sick and especially when you are sick along with them! prayers for a quick recovery and that things are back to normal again soon!!!
    the hardest part for me with what is going on in my crazy life is that it will never be "normal" again, so it's really really hard for me to come to terms with it and deal with even a child with a cold is a huge thing for me right now!
    much love and hugs and hope hubby can take care of you guys this weekend!

  8. I'm hoping today is an easier day for you Amy. Momma said there'd be days like this! :) She just didn't say how many there would be.


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