Spring Break :: The Wrap Up

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

So, Spring Break was good.
No exciting trips, no beach vacations for us, no major plans... but still good just the same.
Also, no major mama-meltdowns, which is definitely a positive thing.
Yes, there was a fair amount of fighting , wrestling and just generally not being able to keep their hands to themselves but
there was also a lot of getting along at home, playing nicely and exploring at the cabin together.
Being at the Cabin in semi-decent(read: sunny and not totally freezing) weather reminds me how much I can't wait for nice
weather so the kids can be outside burning off energy and getting fresh air every day.
If you are a mother, you know how absolutely necessary  this is, for everybody.


Besides the Cabin, there was also...

seeing the movie Oz
celebrating family birthdays
a day of antiquing
staying in our pajamas all day
a huge snowstorm and playing in all that snow
going out for blizzards
sleeping in
playing with cousins
making snow ice cream and lots of big, big messes


Have you already had your Spring Break...  or do you get one?
I know a lot of people are on Spring Break this week, too, around here.
Happy Wednesday everybody, the week is half way over... and it's only a 3-day School week! Yay!


  1. No spring break here in Italy but we do have a couple of days off for Easter. Off to ski! I totally understand the need of fresh air and outdoors for kids and parents as a consequence!!!

  2. Love your pics as always. Ours is coming up, and then we are pulling the girls out for another week. Life's too short. Gotta explore:-)

  3. Oh and love the spring look. You are so good about changing things up.


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