A Portrait A Week

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Charlotte :: Saturday at the Cabin, picking daffodils and checking to see if the bluebells were close to blooming yet.
One braid in, one braid out, pretty filthy from head to toe. That's my girl.

Wyatt :: Definitely a lot harder to get a photo of on Saturday. He was busy in the woods, helping my aunt dig a hole and
shooting his bow and arrow. Also, about half the photos of him I get are no good because his eyes are closed. Ugh.
This boy has had the sweetest little lips since the day he was born.

Linking up here today... go check out many more lovely portraits over at Che & Fidel... you won't be disappointed, she has a beautiful blog. Happy Sunday, hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. The third shot down, holding the flower with her hair in the wind, is just perfection!

  2. these are beauitful photos. i love how you captured your daughter.

  3. these are so beautiful amy!!
    have a happy day

    still making me laugh with that header ADD...every time i pop in...bam...a different one!:)

  4. did you get pix of him shooting bow and arrow?! I want to see those!


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