Just Like The College Kids

Friday, April 5, 2013

Wednesday felt like the first honest-to-goodness after-school Spring day.
The kids played outside, Eric worked in the yard and we took the dog for a walk, without Winter coats on.
WITHOUT Winter coats on!
Oh- and not only have we shed our Winter coats, my girl is already all shorts, flip-flops and barefooted, just like the
college kids we laugh at, walking to class in shorts as soon as the frost melts, while freezing their butts off.
She pushes it a little, that girl.

The bubbles were out, trees were climbed and fresh sidewalk chalk the Easter Bunny left here last
week was busted out for the first time of the season.
And of course there was that dreamy light.... oh, how I miss that light during the Winter.

Speaking of  The College Kids, last night a new frozen yogurt place opened up here in walking distance from us right by
Campus, we went with friends after Engineering Night at school and it was crazy crowded with long lines snaking around
inside and out.
We were in line by a lot of college kids, for a long time and I left there feeling a little OLD... and not OLD as in I didn't
"get" what they were talking about, but old as in being that age kinda feels like a lifetime ago.
It's funny how time and stages in your life can feel both SO far away at times and not so far away
other times. Time is weird. Really, really weird.


So,  I'm off to find a bathing suit for my upcoming girl's trip(the one that is coming up really fast) and
unlike The College Kids, this girl's trip won't be over Spring Break and also unlike The College Kids, this mama needs a
rather un-flattering bathing suit, that covers as much as possible and one that gives this
I-breastfed-two-children-and-I'm-just-plain-old  chest a whole helluva lotta support. Sigh.

Happy Friday everyone, hope you all have a great weekend!
And thanks so much for all of the love on my last post and for not letting me feel like the complete
weirdo that I just might be ; )


  1. love spring. love. love. love.

    hate bathing suit shopping though. sounds kinda like a fate worse than death for somebody like me right now :) have fun!!

  2. LOL on the breastfeeding comment!
    i do not own a bathing suit, nor do i plan to! :)
    hope your weekend is lovely!

  3. Fab photos as always.
    Your not wierd, just honest and I love that. Most people are too afraid to put it out there exactly what they think or feel, that takes guts and you should be proud of that my lovely. Have a great weekend x x x


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