Instagram Withdrawal & Bloglovin

Monday, April 8, 2013

So,  I haven't been able to get on my Instagram account since Saturday and it's bugging me.
Like, really bugging me.
Probably a little too much if you want to know the truth.
Go ahead and try to look at my account, there is nothing there... NOTHING.
It's kinda funny how you get so used to being able to access whatever you want online and once you can't it's really, really frustrating.
End of the world? No, definitely not... But I am a little worried something is going to happen to all of my 3,000 pictures on there
though. Yikes. Yes, I said 3,000.
I hope it is resolved soon so I can stop sweating it though, I've got a life to live, people!!!

Have you had any of your Instagram pictures printed as fairly LARGE prints?
I'm thinking like 18 x 20 or bigger...?
I want this picture above printed large but I'm not sure how grainy it would look printed... I am seriously in love with this old
Motel sign. Sigh. Anyone? And if so, where have you printed them?


In other news,  I guess Google Reader will no longer exist as of  July 1, 2013... I'm not even sure why.
I just registered my blog on Bloglovin' today so you can follow me over there. Follow my blog with Bloglovin .
How do you follow blogs/where do you read them anyway?
I think I'm going to follow all of the blogs I read in one place starting now soon so I am no longer following some via email, my
Blogger dashboard and Google Reader. That's pretty dumb. I am streamlining and going Bloglovin' all the way, baby.

Happy Monday, hope the digital world isn't screwing with your day today!


  1. ack that would bug me too! can you get to them on webstagram or statigram?? i'm worried for ya! and 3,000 pics...holy cow girl;)

  2. I know the tech anxiety thing... I moved my facebook page over to a new one yesterday for account reasons and it took a lot of trial and error and I have to start all over again now with content. You could try accessing IG through followgram besides the two suggested above.
    I am really messy about my blog reading to. Some or on my blogger dashboard, others I have as favorites on my computer etc. Somebody just suggested Feedly to me and have downloaded it on my phone. Trying to figure it out, but seems pretty simple.


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