Ten On Ten /// April

Thursday, April 11, 2013

On the tenth of the month, each month,  a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours.
The day started out a little sunny and ended up gray, rainy and ended in thunderstorms.
Yep, it's Spring.
A bit of our day, in pictures...

1. buds, out my front door
2. morning coffee and thrifted treasures to add to the Shop
3. her reading to him - i love it. and i love that book so much.
4. spray painting frames
5. laundry. blahhh.
6. lunch; sometimes I can't pass up Target popcorn.
7. storms are a-coming
8. Think the elephant family should have taken 2 cars on vacation?
9. favorite bracelet: "Stronger Than She Thought"
10. in the kitchen...


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Happy Thursday!


  1. Totally with you on the Target popcorn! It's one of my favorite "treats" when I'm out!

  2. These are all beautiful, but the first photo is awesome!

  3. we love our elephant family!!
    and finally...buds!
    have a happy day amy

  4. Three things:

    *"The Little House" is one of my very favorite books ever. I have a old copy on my buffet. :)

    *Folded laundry really is beautiful. (I have a photo of that, too!)

    * We have that same car and elephant family and we love it.

    Great photos!

  5. I loved this set for many reasons, but mostly because of the funny things: the elephants, the lunch in the front seat of the car, and I remember the house book (so long ago from childhood!)


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