Thrifting On A Thursday :: Church Rummage Sales

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Honestly, I almost titled this post : Bragging On A Thursday.
I really probably should have.
The weekend before I went on vacation,  the kids and I hit two different church rummage sales on a Saturday morning.
Let me tell you something, the church rummage sales are where it's at.
People always ask me where I get stuff or how I find it and I have to say that I have gotten some of my most favorite things 
from church rummage sales.

Just think of all of those little old ladies getting rid of all their good stuff!

One tip about church rummage sales: I have been to several that do the fill a paper bag up for $5 thing.
These are the BEST.
You can get a lot in a paper bag, believe me, I should know.

Some of this stuff I am keeping and some is going in My Shop.
I am definitely keeping the records and maybe the horse paint-by-numbers because they are so cool and I never really come across any.
The mugs have to go in the shop so my husband doesn't kill me(although I really love them)...I have way too many already
and usually only use the same ones over and over.

These church rummage sales really got me in the mood for soem serious rummage sailing now.
It's not quit that time for them here yet,  but it won't be long... come on warmer weather!


  1. Ooo I was hoping you would say the mugs are going in the shop! I'll be watching!

  2. i CANNOT wait either!
    xoxo yay!


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