Morning Coffee... On A Wednesday

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Good morning.
It's Wednesday morning and I am up before the kids having an early morning perfectly hot cup of coffee.
I love it when I get my coffee just exactly right... that happened this morning.
It's funny that as the weather is getting nicer and the sun is rising earlier, I am getting up a little bit earlier.
Slowly, slowly coming out of hibernation.
One of my favorite things about this weather is having coffee out on the front porch again.
So I am going to make this quick because you just know that any time I intend to get up early the kids will be up in no time.
It never fails. Never.

{Best Day Ever}

So we have been looking forward to today for a while, Charlotte and I.
Today Charlotte is taking her "mental health" day and gets to miss school just for the fun of it... for no reason at all and the inner
rebellious child in me loves it. Like, loves it.
My mom never, ever let us miss school unless we were throwing up or really sick so I kind of love letting my kids do it on occasion.
So our plan for today is to go out of town to the museum, eat lunch out, buy new sandals and go to the book store... that's all I know so far.
Who knows what else she will decide to do but it is entirely up to her, just for this one day.
Wouldn't that be the coolest thing ever, as a kid?
I did the same thing with Wyatt back in March(you can read that post here) and he claimed it was the "best day ever".
I told the kids this special day is for doing so well in school and getting good grades and they each get to do it once a year.

{Spring Weather & Lilacs }

This weather is wonderful.
We have had a rainy Spring but we have also had lots of sunshine and everything is turning so green.
I love it.
Our teeny-tiny lilac bush in our yard has yielded a very small amount of lilacs in the last week, very small... but I absolutely
love lilacs, so I'll take it them.
I wish I had a few huge bouquets so my whole house smelled like lilacs though.
Best smell ever.

 {School Is Almost OUT }

This week has been full of parent meetings, teacher appreciation week, brainstorming for teacher gifts, homework and projects
and trying to remember to send money for something different every day.
The end of the school year is crazy busy.
And that is just for two kids that aren't really in anything at all right now... crazy.
I made four dozen muffins for the teacher's breakfast this morning... and when I was done with those and decided I would make
blueberry muffins for us for breakfast I realized I was out of vegetable oil.
Oh well. That always kinda happens when I am cooking or baking... I'm not exactly the best planner or recipe follower.

So that's it for me this morning... I know two kids that will be down here any minute asking me what's for breakfast.
I have muffins to deliver and a big day with my favorite girl to get ready for!

There are dandelions around here everywhere.
It makes for long walks when the kids have to stop every minute to pick one and blow it to make a wish... but I'm not complaining.
I love dandelions and think it's funny that some people are so uptight about having them in their yard.
Weeds? What? I think not.

Wishing you all a great Wednesday...
Leave me a comment and tell me a bit about what's going on in your world lately.


  1. I think it is a great idea... will think about doing the same. It is also a great way to give each kid some alone time with Mom.

  2. So good to be back here- I miss you and your life...and then my life gets busy (this year three different schools!) and endless activities - we have not one spare afternoon at all- Saturday afternoon I wander happily and all day Sunday...and then it starts again!

    We do *mental health* days with our kids...I always did them with my mum...though I'm waay stricter than she was!
    The kids love them...the mama loves them!
    R my husband, in fact had his *mental health* day with me last week from work...we gardened all day!
    Hugs to you honey- blog is as gorgeous as it was the day I found you and your photos!
    Melissa x


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