Florida :: Living The Dream

Monday, May 6, 2013

{First of all,  I have to tell you that although this vacation was awfully dreamy, the "living the dream" part is an inside joke}

A few years ago my sister and I were taking the kids to a big Easter egg hunt and as we were walking up to it there was a family
walking next to us; the dad was snapping around/yelling at the kids and being a super grouch but the second someone he knew walked
up and asked how he was doing his attitude immediately changed;
"Living the dream, buddy, living the dream. Family, great wife...what else could I ask for? Just living the dream..."
So now we always say that about our lives, especially on those super crappy days when everything seems to be going wrong;
"Just living the dream, buddy, just living the dream..."

Now, in Florida we really were living the dream though.
No laundry, no meals to fix, no cleaning up, no breaking up fights, no packing school lunches and no responsibilities!
Our biggest challenges were-- trying not to sleep in too late, what time to head to the beach and what drinks we wanted
to order at dinner.

This was the most relaxing time I have had in years... YEARS.
It was so much fun and even with the whole flying thing I'd go again in a heartbeat(I might just be a little better medicated, that's all).
The five of us laughed like I had not laughed in forever, laughed and cried really, this trip was truly the best therapy ever.

Vacation as therapy? Yes, please!
We are already planning our trip for next April... if we can wait that long.
I miss the colors, the ocean, the water, the sand, the sun and the feeling of total calm and peace.
Who knew a PINK house could be so cute? I am not even a pink kinda girl.


  1. Those pics are dreamy. How about... Living the dream??

  2. Beautiful! Funny how it's so colorful down there. We need those colorful buildings here in rain country! Your trip sounds so blissfull! :-)


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