Week In The Life + Monday Stuff

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello there.
Today is Day 1 of  Week In The Life.
Are you familiar with Ali Edwards' Week In The Life project?
I have always wanted to do it but never have-- mostly because I thought I really wouldn't follow through with it, and why start if you
are going to fail?
Sadly, that is my theory on a lot of things in my life... WAY TOO MANY, really.
That is something I do not like at all about myself, and something that needs constant work-- but that's
a whole other post for another day.
But this year I am determined to do it... to start it and to finish it... I am doing it.
Are you doing it? It's not too late to start even if you weren't planning on it, ya know.
When I am done with this week,  I am thinking about making a book online(any suggestions/sites?) as opposed to more of a scrapbook format.

Other Monday things....

-Today there is no school, it is a Teacher In-Service day and only a 3-day school week for us
-We are still in our pajamas and might just stay that way all day long
-I had a second phone interview for a job today right in my dining room in my pajamas!
-We are going on our annual family trip to a State Park in Indiana this week, so much to do before Friday!
-It is hot... 95* on September 9 and supposed to be like this all week.... Ugh
-Tonight is Library Night... Eric always takes the kids to the library on Monday nights, I stay home(and not just because of my library fines, I promise)
-My head is spinning a little bit with the possibility of a job, but no matter what happens, this little  process has been a good thing for me.
VERY good!


Hope you are having a great Monday... or that it's not too bad,  in that funky Monday-ish kinda way that they can be.
You should come back here tomorrow and have Coffee with me... I am tagging my Coffee pix on Instagram with  #havingcoffeehere... 
You should too, it's fun to see where other people are/what they are doing.

Happy Monday!


  1. Best of luck with the job prospect!!! Both my kids are now in high school (ekkk..I'm old!!) and I applied for a job a few weeks back but haven't heard anything yet. I haven't worked full-time in almost 10years so feeling it's time but not sure what to do...changes are a coming...but I guess that's what life is all about:) I did Week in the life last time...forgot about it starting today...perhaps my "week" will start with Tuesday LOL

    1. It is such a weird thing, isn't it? On the one hand I feel so ready to be back working again(it's only been about 4-5 years for me), BUT at the same time I feel so unprepared for working again, too. Weird. But exciting too. I don't know what's gonna happen but I feel like when the timing is right it is going to happen. Good luck to you ... yep, changes are definitely coming! And you're not old, I just had my kids so late!! : )


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