Week In The Life :: March 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

Hello,  Monday.
Hello,  Week In The Life Day 1.
My week will be Monday 3- Sunday March 9.
Are you familiar with the Week In The Life project?
You can read more about it here, this is the second time I am attempting it... I did it for the first time in September, about 6 months ago,
almost exactly I guess.
And I completed it, for which I was/am so proud of myself for.
Little things folks, little things.

Lately I have been in such a rut, photography-wise, creativity-wise.... Maybe even just life-wise?
I have been needing a project, a goal, a challenge of some sort, so this is it.
I am in need of some real changes, really in all areas of my life,  and this is just a baby step towards getting myself out of this damn
rut already.

I know everyone does this differently, and I don't have any super lofty goals... I just want to capture the little everyday moments of
my day-to-day life and I want to FINISH.
That's all really.
I want to do it and I want to complete it.

So for the next week my Nikon and my iphone will be charged and by my side.... documenting all of those little moments that make up
these days,  that tells a little bit of the story of my life in March of 2014.
One thing I did not do enough of last time, that I am definitely going to try to beef up on this time, is taking more notes.
My memory is not great and I want to remember what our mornings were like, what kind of homework the kids(just Wyatt really) were doing,
what our after school activities were, what the kid's favorite after-school snacks were and what I normally packed in their lunches.
What exactly I did with my days, just exactly when did I work and how... so many little details you think you will never forget.

So... wish me luck!
Today is Day 1, so you know I will have lots of motivation today... let's just hope it lasts for the next week.
I can totally do this.
I AM doing this.

Anyone have any advice, tips, pointers, etc. for me on the is little project??


Happy Monday, y'all.


  1. how are you doing with week in the life? Some days I do DAY IN THE LIFE, which is similar only lasting a day so I am sure to follow through! in fact, I think I will do it this saturday! xoxo

  2. long dreary winter=rut!!!
    spring has to come soon.
    it just has to!!
    beautiful pictures, can't wait to see more.
    have a happy day amy


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