A Day In The Life /// March 8, 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hello there.
It's Monday and just like I told myself(which doesn't always happen, folks) I am editing and blogging some of my photos from Saturday,
from my A Day In The Life project.
I did it.
I       D   I  D        I  T.
So hooray for me!


My morning started off early at my sister's where I had spent the night.... I had to get home so Eric could head down to the cabin.
Pearl Jam for the drive home.
Home to kids still in pajamas; baby dolls, cartoons and video games until it was time to get ready to head to the lake to watch the
Polar Plunge.

The Polar Plunge....
This was fun to watch; crazy costumes, hats, wigs, super heros, Sponge Bob... you name it.
I was thinking how fun it would be to do with a group, but then I remembered how COLD we were just standing outside, 
let alone actually getting IN the freezing water. Crazy! 

Out for pizza for lunch with my mom and then a little shopping.
I have to say, it makes me really  HAPPY  to see the tulips and lilies, Spring and Easter things
 out in all of the stores now. Hoooray! Spring really is just around the corner.
{ Fingers Crossed } 

Back home and time to get ready for the cousins to come over for a SLEEP OVER.
All of the cousins get along so good and love being together.
I do LOVE that.
And what is better than staying up late, watching movies and eating popcorn + movie candy?

Insta-pics of the evening...

It was a good day.
A long day.
A cold day.
And a fun day.


I could have went on and on with my pictures.... but I had to stop somewhere.
I look forward to doing this again in the Summer, so a lot of our day(and pictures) can be outside.
Now that is something I am REALLY looking forward to it.

Hope you enjoyed seeing just a little bit of our day Saturday.


  1. what a perfect day~ I love every single photo! love that you got some outdoors! you take the best pictures, so pretty!!!
    so happy you did this! we should do it every other month! maybe in may?? july! loading my iphone ones now and hoping to get some time to do a blog post!
    xoxo thanks for doing this with me!

  2. Beautiful photos Amy. I truly love the guy at the polar plunge... made my evening. I love how you capture everyday moments.

  3. Such a lovely idea, I think I may have to try doing a day in the life, deffinitely on a weekend though, don't quite fancy doing a work related one haha.
    Some beautiful photos as always Amy, I love the last one, capturing the light, it's gorgeous. I'm so ready for the sunshine now, bring it on x x x x

  4. We visited my sister and her family for a long week end last week. I had pretty much the same feelings as you did: so nice to see tulips and Easter bunnies everywhere... and the joy of watching all the cousins play so well together and have so much fun is truly incomparable. It warms my heart, also because it doesn't happen so often since we live countries apart.


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