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Friday, March 7, 2014

Hey there.
Happy Friday from Central Illinois where it is almost   FIFTY DEGREES  today.
Yes, I really just said that.... 50* and sunny today ... and I couldn't be happier!


So I didn't even last a day on my whole "Week In The Life" thing I talked about in my last post....
not even one damn day.
Instead of half-assing it and not really do a great job I just let it go and decided instead that I will do A Day In The Life
this coming Saturday March 8.
A DAY in the life should be doable... very doable I think. I hope.
I will attempt to document the day, the whole day, in pictures and notes and I will blog about it on Monday March 10.
My blogging/IG friend Tara is doing it, too... which is good because I can definitely use the encouragement.
Don't let me fail, Tara! 

I think I can totally do a day though... and a daily self-portrait challenge, I've already taken a self-portrait(I kinda hate the word selfie...
I''m too old for that) every day in March so far.
I'm also looking for some other good ideas for a year-long project... just ONE photo a day with my iphone or Nikon.
A Not-Quite-365, if you will.
Are you doing one or have you seen any cool ideas for one?
I need some GREAT ideas!


So for tomorrow I am charging up my Nikon and I am ready to document our whole day.
I would LOVE to make it into a small book when I am done.
I am excited about tomorrow because we are going to watch the Polar Plunge tomorrow and tomorrow night the kid's cousins are
spending the night with us.
It should be a fun day!

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!
Any big, exciting plans?

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