Coffee + Hot Chocolate Date

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Last weekend Charlotte and I were able to sneak away for a few hours for a coffee and hot chocolate date, just the two of us.
We stopped at Starbucks first for hot chocolate and my drink of choice(cinnamon dolce latte, nonfat milk) and three teenagers sat next to us.
Charlotte kept looking all crazy at them, she rolled her eyes to me once about the way they were talking and what they were saying.
At one point she came around the table and whispered in my ear, saying:  "Why are they so dramatic, Mommy? That's ridiculous."

It was funny to watch her watch them and later when we left I told her she would probably be acting that way one day, too.
She looked horrified and said; "Did you?"
I had to admit that... Yep, I probably did, too.

After coffee we decided to go to a used book store that we hadn't been to in a long time.
We have a couple of small independent book stores in town, but the closest Barnes & Noble-type book store, which Charlotte declared a
couple of years ago to be her  "Happy Place",  is about a half and hour + away.
We looked around the book store and Charlotte picked out an American Girl book.
Next we stopped at Target, looked around a little and headed home, Charlotte read her new book the whole way home.

Sometimes it's hard to remember to do these little dates, just one on one, or to find the time to squeeze them in.
I know the more kids you have the harder it is, but I am always so happy when we do find the time to do it... it can definitely be done.
We have already decided that next time we will have to go on a Saturday so we can go paint pottery together.
But first, Wyatt and I will have to have our date... Wonder what he will choose to do??


Hope you had a great weekend... tomorrow is Monday already.
But it is a short week for us,  4-day weekend and the kids and I are headed to  C   H   I   C   A   G  O on Friday.

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