Making My { Fall } List And Checking It Twice

Sunday, September 7, 2014

I have been working on my Fall List for the last couple of days.
One that is actually kind of just for me.
We will have a few other family things to add to a mental list of course, too.

Everyone makes Summer Lists.... jotting down all of those things we want to make sure and do before the Summer
very quickly gets away from us.
Last year I made a Fall list because Fall is way shorter than Summer... which makes it a little trickier to squeeze in all of those
things we have been waiting all year for.

The older I get, the more I think maybe Fall is  my most favorite  time of year.
I do wish it lasted a bit longer though... Some years it feels as though we go straight from 
Summer right into Winter. 
I love Fall for so many reasons. 
The Pumpkin patch, the apple orchard, pumpkin bars, new boots, candy corn... All of it! 
I can't wait for the leaves to slowly start changing... Just not too fast though.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a long, slow Fall. 

///  Here's what's on my list so far  ///

1. Make Pumpkin Bars
2. Read a really good scary book or a mystery
3. Visit the Pumpkin Patch
4. Make a pie { Apple? Pumpkin? }
5. Watch ::  You've Got Mail
6. Make  a Fall wreath
7. Take a solo photo drive when the leaves are changing colors
8. Have coffee on the front porch early in the morning as much as possible
9. Visit the Apple Orchard
10. Have fires in the fire pit when we can
11. Find a new pair of super cute(but not super expensive) BOOTS

{ A few of my favorite pictures from last Fall }

My list is a work in progress...  Do you have a Fall list- written or mental?
If so, what's on it?
And if you have a suggestion for a scary book or a really good mystery,  let me know!



  1. oooooh I love your list. The boots...yes. You've Got Mail....I watch this every fall. The mystery...Gillian Flynn's book that I can't remember the title. BTW, you should definitely read Gone Girl for your mystery book. Your head will explode. Happy fall, my friend!

  2. Oh... Gone Girl ! Now that was just the craziest book ever! I read it a while back and last week whe I was at the movies seeing Boyhood they showed the trailer for the movie. looks CRAZY... I can't wait to see it ! : )

  3. Great list, Amy! I should make one of my own!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! If you make a list be sure and share it, too !

  4. Stephen King's The Shining is still *the* book that scared me the most. I've got his new one The Sleep Doctor that I checked out from the library. It's supposed to be a companion book to The Shining, but I haven't been able to make myself open it yet. There's that excited sense of anticipation and fear that's both holding me back and making me want to make it my next read. (It's been sitting on my shelf for over a week now...)

    1. Eeeek... Virginia! Thank you s much for the scary book recommendation... The Shining is a book I have never, ever read, believe it or not. To be honest after seeing the movie the first time I just never had any intrest because the movie was just so FREAKING SCARY.... but I think i can handle it now. I'll letcha know though! ;)

  5. Love your Fall list! We love to go to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch! I read Gone Girl this summer and it is cuh-razy! I could not put it down.

  6. Doh! Just saw that you've already read Gone Girl. I would read some good old-fashioned Nancy Drews then. Ha!

  7. I love this idea….last year there were no apples to be had locally (a bad frost early in the spring after a warm spell) so things are looking better around here for this year:) Going for coffee with a friend, perhaps my first pumpkin spice latte for this fall….

  8. I love, love, LOVE your list. I like to do these kind of lits too, in actual fact it was you who inspired me to start doing them. I like doing one for each season and an additional one for Christmas.

    On my fall list for this year is:
    *To take a walk through the countryside
    *Carve a pumpkin
    *Watch fireworks

    I feel like I still need to add to it but the season is fast disappearing. It is such a short season, too short x x x x


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