Sometimes You Just Need 15 Minutes...

Sunday, October 26, 2014

This weekend was busy. Full to the brim.
Wyatt's last soccer game, errands, last minute snacks to pick up, school Trivia Night fundraiser Saturday night, a very late night
out afterwards with friends, running into the office on Sunday morning to get a little work done, celebrating a couple of Birthdays
in there today real quick and then a family cook-out.
I mean... that's a lot.
It's way more than I like on the weekends.
It stresses me out, makes me grumpy.
I feel like our weekdays are busy enough... I dream of sleeping in, late breakfasts, second cups of coffee...
You know...   s  l  o  w    w  e  e  k  e  n  d  s.

But since I didn't get that...  I did get this.
I got about 15 minutes on our way home this evening when the sun was just starting to go down.
We passed a bike path and the sun was perfect and the trees were perfect and beautiful.
So we stopped and no one really complained and we took a short walk and I even had my big girl camera in the car.
Deep breath.
It's just what I needed.
These fifteen minutes were just the mini "reset" that I needed.

Thank God for a reset... I'll take whatever I can get these days.
Hope you had a beautiful Fall weekend wherever you are !


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