A Perfectly Beautiful Saturday In January

Monday, January 26, 2015

So you thought beautiful day in January was an oxymoron, huh? Yeah, me too.
It was fifty degrees this past Saturday and sunny and not windy and actually gorgeous for a Saturday
in January, which never really happens(unless I am inside watching the snow fall and I don't
have to leave the house).

It was the perfect day for an impromptu day trip to the Cabin.
I was so, so happy to be out of the house with my camera, in the sunshine,  wandering around ooohing and ahhhing over that light I kept finding through my lens.
My happy place/state of mind.
The kids were happy to be running around outside, jumping rope, walking throught the creek and shooting airsoft guns and bow + arrows. 
Their happy place/state of mind.

There was also lunch at a yummy local bar/restaurant that played strictly country music and had an old-school working cigarette machine, and then a couple of quick antique shop stops.
This is just my kind of day.
No schedule, sunshine, away from home for the day, kids enjoying themselves + a beautiful sunset.
This is what fills me right back up, these simple things.
I can be having a bad day or generally just a rough time and these things recharge me for sure.
I think I am ready to start the work-week now.


Hope you have a great Monday(wait- is that another oxymoron?)!

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  1. that sounds like heaven! had to read your post again, soak in all of the details and that amazing light :)


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