{Virtual Coffee}

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hey there.
Good morning to you + Happy Thursday.
This morning is my early morning, one of the days that my "early to rise"  mission worked.
Hooray for me!
I am batting about every other day so far, not including weekends, and my goal is to eventually wake up early every morning Monday-Friday.
And my ultimate goal is for it to become completely natural.... and for me to LOVE it, every day.
I'm not there yet... but it's a good goal to have.
I love getting the day started slowly, quietly, alone... And in order for those things to happen I need
to be up a minimum of one hour before the kids are up.
Preferably an hour and a half before the kids are awake, really.
I will get there one day, I am not giving up on my dream of becoming an early riser! 

But anyway.
I am up early and having my morning on the couch under a quilt, which is probably the best place
to have it, besides somewhere with friends.
When I am up before everyone else the couch is where I almost always have my coffee, sometimes my
office in warmer weather but in the Winter it's pretty cold in the mornings in there.
How about you? Couch? Kitchen table? Office?
One of the things I really miss since I started working is meeting friends for coffee or having them
come over in the nice weather and sit on the patio and have coffee.
s  i  g  h. 

So... if you were really over chatting with me over coffee this morning we would have to talk about my bright white fancy new living room.
Okay, so it's not fancy at all... but it is bright white.
We painted it white about two weeks ago and man, it is WHITE.
The change is really growing on me though and it just make the space look bigger, more open
and cleaner.
I know that's actually because it is cleaner though, too... there has been a lot of purging and organizing going on here as well.
I am really loving not only the white, but just the act of slowly putting things back up/out and knowing that it's okay to not put everything back out and to get rid of things or put them in storage for now.
It's a process and the hardest part about painting a room to me is that I then want everything new
in the room.
Couches, rugs, curtains, lamps! All the furniture needs a fresh coat of paint!
Everything needs to be new!

{These are just quick pictures I snapped with my iphone, I will take better pictures and share the whole room soon! }

After about two weeks back in school now, after the longest Christmas break in the history of man,
I think we are finally getting back into a routine around here... Finally.
Things are more normal now-- even though Wyatt has had not one, but two rounds of pink eye,
and with all of the sickness going around I am just holding my breath until Spring.
I need to completely stop reading/watching the news because all the sickness and flu and crazy
things happening gives me way too much anxiety.
Around here we have been daydreaming about a Summer vacation and Spring plans and wishing
it was Soccer season already, while still trying to enjoy the season we are in.

It's almost the end of January and I actually feel a lot better about it than I normally do....
Usually by the end of January I feel like I have accomplished absolutely nothing. Nothing.
This month I have made some goals and lists and have actually accomplished a few things I really wanted
to. Wow.
It feels really good for a change.

What is going on in your life? How has the first month of this year been for you so far?
Tell me what you're drinking this morning and where and anything else you'd like to share so I 
can pretend I am not having my morning coffee alone! 

Happy Thursday... Just one day until Friday, y'all!



  1. Loving the new white walls, and the new look of the blog! Looks great! In some way I feel like January has been productive for me, in other, not so much. Lately I've become a sit back and watch type person, when I used to be a doer! I need to get that momentum back, and quick! Also trying to enjoy the moment, even though it's easy to think about how great spring is. And yes to drinking coffee on the porch! But these colder months are spent sipping my morning coffee on the couch with the weather channel. Ha! Have a great day!

    1. Thanks, Rachel! :) The white was kinda scary but I'm loving the potential and the clean look of it! I know what you mean about being a sit back and watch kinda person.... I am more often than not(unfortunately) a "sit back with a million ideas and no idea where to start" kinda person . I think I get easily overwhelmed by everything I want to do and end up doing nothing instead! Our Winter has been super mild so I'm trying to enjoy these days and not rudh the season like I often do!

  2. I made the switch to become a "morning person" about 6 months ago and it was crazy hard. They say it takes a solid 30 days to turn around that circadian rhythm thing, and it did. It was a rough month, especially cause I have ALWAYS been a night owl. BUT, after a kind of brutal 30 days, I am loving the early wake up. It makes all the difference in helping me be a happy mom. Here's the secret….my whole family (even my teenagers) now go to bed around 9:30. Which also seems crazy to me, but it works.
    Loving your white paint! We just painted all our cream cabinets white and it is such a happier vibe! Enjoyed your blog this morning!

  3. Oh my! How on earth do you get your teenagers to go to bed so early? My kids stay up way too late reading even at their ages(8 & 10) ?! Are you waking early even on the weekends or just during the school/work week? Has it become natural for you to wake up so early now? I am determined to do this because I think it will make a big difference in my days/life overall... I might be overdoing it on imagining how it's going to change me into a new person, though! Ha! : )
    I so want to paint our brown wood cabinets white but we are just kinda dreading it, there are so many of them! I love the immediate difference paint can make though! Hav e agreat day, Terra and thanks for your input/comments!

    1. Hey Amy,
      the teenagers going to be so early is only during the weekdays…and it's a chain, the earlier we eat dinner, the earlier we finish everything else, the earlier we go to bed. They still wake up way late on the weekends (because they stay out late ) which means I have to too:) And yes, unfortunately I still wake up early on the weekends, even when I try to sleep in:/ But, the trade off for a happier weekday morning is still worth it for me. Best of luck! And if it doesn't work…it's SO fine!

  4. I'm not an early riser either. It's just a majorly difficult thing for me to stick to. I always drink my coffee at my kitchen counter. Back in September I went black and looking at yours made long for cream. Whipped cream:) Yum!!!

  5. Becky- I have never been able to do straight black coffee.. maybe one day? the whipped cream is a treat, usually I just froth my milk for my coffee. The early rising thing is so tough... I wish I was just naturally like that but I am much more of a night owl, instead. But I am determined to do this early morning thing... one day i will get there!

  6. I am trying to wake up at least 30 mts before my son but man it's been so hard! But, when it happens I sit in the kitchen table. January flew so we're planning for summer vacations.


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