Spring Break(But Not the Drunk, Wollering On The Beach Kind)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's Spring Break... and it actually feels like it, which isn't always the case here in the Midwest.
Not "feels like it" like we are going anywhere fun or "feels like it" might for
 college students wollering on the beach drunk for five days. 
Not that kind of "feels like it" and just for the record, both beach and beer  sound 
really, really good to me right about now but I am way too old for that mess. Way too old. 
And really, I never could do the whole day drinking thing anyway... I'll take my beer after 
5:00 pm thank you very much. Most days, most days.
This week the kids are on break from school and I have to work all week so I waited until this 
week to see what the weather was going to be like and then decided to take off Wednesday.
Luckily it was the nicest day so far and it ended up being in the mid-70's. It was definitely the
nicest, warmest day we have had since the Fall and it felt so good.
My day off with them yesterday consisted of a day trip to my parent's cabin...
Exploring the woods, air soft guns, ice cream, the playground, snacks and 
movies in the car on the way down... That was our day. 
I am so glad I grabbed my big camera on the way out the door because there was little 
signs of Spring all over the place down there and walking through the woods 
with my Nikon really is one of my most favorite things to do.
That's a little of what I saw walking through the woods and here's a bit of what we actually did,
via my iPhone. These kids of mine are always up for an adventure and are so easy-going
 and truly are just a lot of fun to hang out with. I think I am pretty darn lucky.
Oh, and Mater?
That was outside a junk shop on the way to see if one of my favorite little antique shops was open...
It wasn't... But Mater. He's always been my favorite from Cars. I loved this! 

So there ya have it... a little bit of our Spring Break... Not super exciting but good all the same.
And you'd better believe I'm opening a beer after I hit publish and make sure these children 
of mine are in bed. Hope you are having a great week or Spring Break, or maybe just an 
extra-long Easter weekend.

Happy almost-Friday! 

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  1. It's what memories are made of :) looks like a great day to me x x x


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