On Dreaming Up New Jobs & New Lives...

Saturday, October 24, 2015

I don't know if I would call this a problem so much, maybe it's an escape, maybe it's just a daydream.
Maybe it's me still trying to figure out who I am and what I want to do with my life.
There's nothing wrong with daydreams, or escaping temporarily and most of all, there is nothing wrong with continuing to always try and figure out who you are and what you want to do with your life.....Right?
{Let's just hope I am still not trying to figure this out in thirty years...}
My sister and I recently saw this house and later when I was editing the picture and getting a little bit better look at it, I started wondering about the house and it's history...
How old was it?
Who built it? 
What does the inside look like?
Who has lived in this house?

And then I thought that the coolest, most fun job ever would just be to explore different cities/places, find cool houses, take pictures of them, knock on the door, ask the owners if you can come inside and nose around while taking pictures and listening to their stories and history of these homes. 
How awesome would that be? 
I need this job, I think. Like....Now. 

I can just imagine what it would be like nosing through all the nooks + crannies, in the attics and the cellars, listening to stories and taking pictures of it all. 
My next immediate thought is- I would never really do that, I would die before knocking on a stranger's door, asking them to let me in and look around...How embarrassing. How rude. Nosey. Imposing. 

I hate that that is my first reaction as soon as I think of something that I would LOVE to do. 
Is that just me?
Human nature?
Personality? All of the above?
I kind of hate that part of my personality, although I do think everyone has it in them, just to different degrees and in different amounts. 
I always tell the kids they can do whatever they want, have 5 awesome careers they love- not just one, be who they are, travel, wait to go to college, follow their dreams, don't go to college...Whatever. 
Then I wonder if I have really followed any of my BIG dreams. 
And if not...Is it too late for me?


Those are my Saturday morning thoughts.
These are the things always in my head--- there's a lot there, a lot more than I share here, or anywhere.
I will always be a work in progress and I will ALWAYS be trying to figure it out. 
And I think I am okay with that.


  1. Your right, that would be an incredible job and I too would have the exact same thoughts. There are so many things I would love to do, I even start planning them and then the self doubt sets in and I never go through with it, I regret it all the time because I hate my job and would love to escape from it to do something I love.
    Maybe one day we will both get the dream jobs we want. In the meantime the advise you give your kids is great and I would do the exact same for my kids.
    Love Gem x x x

    1. Me too, Gem! It's crazy because the things I doubt myself on...I would totally encourage and believe in a friend if she had these dreams or ideas...But then I doubt myself and don't believe in myself like like I should. We BOTH need to stop doing that! ;)

  2. I think this would be an awesome job!! It reminds me somewhat of the Humans of New York Facebook page except yours would be more along the lines of Behind the Doors. I am exactly like you in I love stories…stories of people (their past lives, what makes them happy) what are the stories of the old homes or the items I've picked up in a thrift shop. I love to dwell in the possibilities of what once was or what could be ….does that make sense?

    1. First of all, Elisabeth- I love HONY! So many interesting stories and interesting people with both amazing stories and normal everyday stories. Yes, I am just like you, love imagining the stories behind homes, items in people's homes(or that came from people's homes) and the people that lived there, too. Yep, it all makes total sense to me! :)

  3. I'm so in the same boat with you. I don't feel like I have it figured it out really. In fact I fall prey to the comparison game. Specifically to others who are in my age range. Like some friends from church who graduated the same year I did and is now a doctor and his wife stays home and raises their beautiful children in a huge farm house and they travel to exotic places on their vacations and drive fancy cars. And I'm over here all like "Hi, look at my dogs." :( And I'm constantly thinking of dream jobs and then squashing those thoughts with " it could never happen to me or that's a stupid idea". Ugh. Why do we do this to ourselves ?! Here's to believing it's not too late to make our dreams come true. Big or small. :) I love posts like this from you friend.

    1. Hi Rachel! Oh girl, I so agree with you and think I have or have had many of those feelings you just mentioned.To make you feel better, I just turned 42! Forty-two?! So I am really feeling like a change needs to happen now! To you I can say follow your dreams-come up with a plan, try it out, don't stop dreaming and remember, we only have one life so do not doubt yourself and who cares if we fail, anyway? Too bad we all can't take the advice we would give a friend though, huh? Here's to hoping we can both figure it out and follow our dreams! XO


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