Will Brake For Fall

Thursday, October 29, 2015

I am that person driving in front of you that slows down to oooh and ahhhh at all the pretty Fall trees.
No seriously, I am.
Sometimes on my way to work I am slowing down, pulling over, taking pictures because I am convinced I just saw the MOST gorgeous tree ever on Earth...and then I see the next more gorgeous one like, thirty seconds later.
Ha! And then somehow I have turned my quick 5-minute drive to work into a 14-minute drive to work and I almost late. That pretty much sums me up.

{These first two were on my drive to work on Monday...}

Oh, I love the colors- the yellows, oranges, browns and reds.
LOVE the colors, the crisp cooler air, the jean jackets, the boots, the leaves falling from the trees almost like rain when you look out the window. 
I love this in-between time that is Fall and wish that it lasted much, much longer than it does here. 
So, I will stop and take all the pictures whenever I want because I know it will soon be gray, bare, cloudy, cold... and frankly, very depressing. 
Every year I almost forget how much I hate Winter and those dreary days, until we have our chilliest rainy day and then it all comes back to me....and I am ready to run away until April. 

Just two days until Halloween and the craziness of having kids and so much going on(in the span of a week, and in our case, the whole month!)has officially begun.
School plays, Halloween parade at school, treats for school, running around to find all the costume supplies we need, grabbing last-minute pumpkins to carve....
The list goes on.
These days are the bright spot for me though, the part I feel like makes up for everything else.
I remember the excitement of Halloween and the days leading up to it, those are favorite memories of mine as a child and I hope they are for my kids, too.
I love getting to do these things again with them and through them, one of the best parts of being a parent for sure.


I hope you are enjoying this season where you are...
Happy Thursday!

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  1. Your so right, Autumn just isn't long enough, it is over way too quick, it's like you blink and you risk missing it all.
    I wish I'd taken note and stopped the car to take a photo one morning a few days ago, only I always leave way too late for work, trouble is now, I've missed it. There are barely any leaves left on the row of what was golden yellow trees by the village green and I feel like kicking myself. it is such a beautiful season but definitely way too short.
    Hope you and the kids have a great Halloween.
    Love Gem x x x


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