So Long October + Hello, November

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The month of October flew by.
It was full and busy in terms of what we had going on.
It was good and fun and busy and I think I was taking pictures every single day of the trees and the leaves...I cannot get enough of the Fall trees.
A little bit of October....
Some highlights of my month:

-A night out with ALL my girls. So much fun! Laughing and crying and getting crazy. So good for me.
-Both kids had Birthdays...and Birthday parties; There was a camp-out in the backyard for him and a fancy little pumpkin bar birthday cake for her
-A trip to the cabin where the weather was absolutely perfect
-Celebrating both my mom and dad's Birthdays and hanging out with the cousins
-A fancy steak dinner at TapRoot for Wyatt's birthday
-Halloween and Charlotte's favorite costume ever, just maybe!
-Horse-back riding
-FINALLY a caramel apple!
-S'mores and carving pumpkins
-A little get-away with my much fun!
-The highly anticipated Scooby Doo Legos!

There's more than that...and there's a lot that the pictures do not show, which is sometimes hard to remember when you are looking at a tiny spec of someone elses life and days in these tiny pictures. What I mean is, there have been hard days...down days...days of wanting to throw in the towel, days of realizations and tears and a whole lot more that you can't see in photographs.That goes for everyone, everyone's life and pictures.


We are already Day 4 into November and although I am not quite ready for the Holiday season to begin, I guess I better get with it because I don't really have a choice, huh?
I am trying new things this month- I am trying to be more mindful and intentional in my actions, I am trying to form new habits and break old ones...I am actually trying something new every single day(no matter how tiny) and this month is going to be a challenge...I am sure of that.
Sunday November 1, 2015... A new path. 

I read this last week and it has stuck with me since then.
I love this by Dallas Clayton, I really love pretty much everything by Dallas Clayton, but this just fits how I have been feeling lately.

Get out from your house
From your cave, from your car
From the place you feel safe
From the place that you are.
Get out and go running
Go funning, go wild
Get out from your head
And get growing, dear child. 


  1. Wow, what a busy month October was. I know what you mean about trying new things, I've been trying to do that for the past couple of months, is just trying to break those old habits, it's difficult.
    Hope you have a beautiful November my lovely.
    Love Gem x x x

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