{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Tuesday and you know what that means.
I hope you're ready for coffee this morning, I certainly am.

And in case you're new here, the idea behind Virtual Coffee is pretty simple; 
it's just talking aout what we would really be talking about if we were meeting for coffee. 
Like, in real life.
These Virtual Coffee posts are not planned or thought out at all. 
It really is just whatever pops into my head that morning/day and I really 
try to type it while having my own coffee.

*       *         *

So if we were really meeting for coffee this morning 
I would tell you....

to come to my place this morning for coffee because it is really quiet here with Wyatt at school. 
I'll even have muffins for you. Please?!
Also, if we just meet at my place I won't have to deal with
avoiding people I don't feel like talking to at a coffee shop this morning.
I know I'm wrong for that but it's true.

secondly i would tell you,  as you are trying not to stare at my face, that I now have poison ivy
on my legs, arm, neck and YES, MY FACE. Ugh.
And if we were really meeting for coffee there would be some language here that I
would have to cover the little ones ears over.
Yeah, it itches. Bad.

that Charlotte and I just bought some chalkboard paint this morning at Menards
and we are going to paint my office doors today.
I have been wanting to do this since we moved in 2 years ago!
Wish me luck, she is a very messy helper.

I have been having a serious urge to clean, organize and get rid of stuff around here.
We. have. way. too. much. stuff.
It's like wanting to Spring clean...but in the (almost) Fall.
Somebody please pull a dumpster up to my back door.

that i got this package in the mail from my BFF. a cute little ring, just because.
don't you love surprises like that? I do!

Okay, your turn.
How are you doing and what do you have to share on this,
the last day of August?


  1. I still do want to participate in virtual coffee and since next Tuesday is the first day of school, I will have lots to say.

    Uggg on the poision ivy!!!

    Love the idea of a whole door painted as a chalkboard!

  2. Oh, me, oh, my! I cannot believe that I have just signed up to follow another blog BUT yours is soooooooo lovely! I've really been enjoying reading and looking and reading on and on and on. I am, also, in the 365 project. I'm very curious to see what will come of all this!

    Love, Katy Noelle

    P.S. I hope that the poison ivy disappears like magic!

  3. i love chalkboard paint. have fun with that! im a very very messy painter. i have a confession to make. (if we were having coffee in real life id be confessing things right?) i once painted a whole bedroom in the nude because i didnt have any clean painting clothes and i was sure to mess up my good ones. is this tmi?

    hope your poison ivy clears up soon. :) at least you have a pretty ring to wear.

  4. I may be a little late. It's a 'glass of wine' time now! Chalkboard paint. I've been wanting to do this for ever. I want to paint just one wall in Sam's room. It may encourage him to draw as he doesn't seem to interested. Anyhow, it will be a fun thing to do.

    What a lovely gift!

  5. Hi Amy,
    Don't you just love getting surprise presents? (I got something too from my friend, wrote post about it). Hope your itching will go away soon!
    Have a good evening,

  6. Oh itchy itchy itchy!!! If I were sitting across the table from you (and I knew about your itchy situation) I would have a gift for you. As you carefully eye the clumsily packaged fork on a stick you would really try not to laugh at the duct tape that held it all together because hot coffee coming out of your nose is the last thing you need.

    oh and run on sentences, too... ha.

    My little man doesn't start school until the 7th and that will be odd. I'm not sure what my youngest and I will do without him. Thankfully it is only for a half day. I'm sure it will be quiet around here, too.

  7. oh this looks like fun! will be back next week for sure!

    I hope your itches get better soon! have fun painting!

  8. You poor thing on the poison ivy! ICK! So uncomfortable!

    I am in the same frame of mind. I am counting down the days til my ballerinas start school to purge the heck out of my house. I did get the little ballerina to try on half her clothes and we've purged quite a bit there. But once there in school, I need to deep clean. My house feels gross to me.

    Love chalkboard paint. We have it on part of our laundry room door right near our kitchen. So fun.

    I'm wishing I signed on for the Project 365 with all of you.

  9. Being English I've never seen a case of poison ivy but I believe it is very painful. Sorry you are suffering so much with it.

    I really want to participate in your coffee mornings and I hope to be able to join in soon. Especially if there are muffins on offer :-)

  10. It must be a (nearly) change of season thing...I am in the purging mood too!!

    Sorry about the itchies...bummer!

    School is going well for the girls, I just wish for "more" for both and that's hard!

    Chalkboard paint sounds cool...I have a chalk phobia...weird to see a teacher who gets the heebie jeebies from chalk huh?

    Our basement re-do is 98% almost done...pictures soon!

    Enjoy the day

  11. Hi Amy! Just did the linky thingy, and I'd LOVE a muffin. Thanks! Can't wait to see how the painting goes.

  12. yay, I'm so excited to participate this week.
    sorry about the poison ive, my husband gets it all the time.

  13. I am so sorry about the poison ivy.... that's awful!
    But love that ring :)
    (and will link up in a bit... LOVE that you're doing the linky again!!)

  14. Poor you. Poison ivy is the pits. I had it all over my legs and butt a couple of years ago -- you would think I sat and rolled around in the stuff. I couldn't even sit. Here's hoping your itch clears up quickly.

  15. I don't know where to start.... the PHOTO!!! (I always start with the photos!) That shot of the carnations is devine!
    And -SOOOO sorry about the poison ivy! That bites! Hang in there!!!

  16. Eeesh. Poison ivy.

    Between my sinus infection and your skin issues, we are a motley duo.

    I'd tell you that although I have a "rough around the edges" group of kids this year, I like them. A lot. Even though they will give me grey hair by May. They give lots of hugs...and I'm OK with that. And no one has peed their pants.

  17. Love this. I just came over, after a recommendation from Melissa (Miss Sew & So), and instantly became a follower... This is an awesome blog... So many pictures to pour over... I have to run around after my girls this morning, but I'll definitely be giving this place, the time it deserves later! I have a new favourite blog! Lx

  18. oy. poison ivy and face are two things you never want to hear in the same sentence. i hope your feeling better soon!!
    i am itching (um, no pun intended) to see your chalkboard doors.

  19. oh you poor thing....poison ivy what a mess!

    will have to link up now you have made this tues morning a real life- all-join-in-ritual!

    just wanted to let you know- pop by *mine* when you finish your coffee as i have a little request and bloggy awardy thingy for you...have sent a few people your way and of course - they LOVE you and your blog!

    melissa xx

    p.s- DO NOT SCRATCH!

  20. boo to the pivy! (zanfel? magic, but you hafta use in the early stages...)

    but everything else is absolutely lovely:)


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