Thursday, September 2, 2010

today we are dressing up in a brand new tutu
trying on knee socks
practicing ballet moves
painting my office doors with primer (finally!)
enjoying a little sunshine
drawing on a new pad of paper
listening to Blind Melon and remembering that this is one of my favorite songs ever
sipping coffee
reminding myself to clean the fish bowl

keeping up with my 365
rearranging a little
thinking that I need to think about supper for tonight
watching Olivia
setting up a baby doll hospital
talking on the phone
thinking about the weekend
doing lots of itching

It's amazing what I can find to do when I know
I should really be working on something else.
Something that involves a self-portrait, answering questions about myself and coming 
up with amazingly creative ideas.
I am a horrible procrastinator.
It's usually when I am feeling a little overwhelmed by the task 
at hand or I just don't know where to start.

any advice?

*        *        *        *         *
oh and i got this tutu at a consignment shop for $2.99 yesterday.
she loves the tutu and how it bounces, i love the bargain.
happy thursday y'all!


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  2. Hi Amy! It's been a long time since I've stopped by.. life, you know?

    Can't wait to start reading again! I really love this first image! That blue! Ahh!

  3. Hi Amy,

    I can do the same... finding 101 other things to do, instead of what I should be doing. I am better when I have zero time to do things, then I am fast, to the point and just done in time. Good luck with it, and I could use one of these for my girls! Lovely blue color.
    Bye now!

  4. i wish i had advice, but i'm the same way. i sure do love that tutu and sneaks, though. and olivia. i'm off to watch a little of that today, too.

  5. Sigh.
    (sorry, your sweet vintagey photos always make me do that)
    I'm reading a ton of blogs and trying to publish my own short post today. This is so beautiful:) I love all the colors. Like....crazy love 'em. :)

  6. Oh goodness, a bit of procrastinating going on over here too. If I were to give you advice it would be to jump up and kick butt and get 'er done for 15 minutes, then go back to sipping coffee and taking gorgeous photos!!:)
    Enjoy the day

    Too funny about the flowers, I guess we BOTH had a good night...!

  7. Love the shoes! They go perfectly with the flower and the tutu. My kind of girl!

  8. love the photos ...but stop procrastinating- and pour a wine and answer my questions- i am dying to know more about you!!

    melissa xx

  9. Boy, do I procrastinate... I've even been known to clean the fridge to get out of something! Love your little girls outfit... I was looking at a tutu for my eldest the other day, but I was more into it than her! Great pictures... as always! Lx

  10. I have a major photo project that I need to finish. Like it should have been done a week (or more) ago. But what did I do last night? Started to crochet a cuff to wear to school tomorrow.

    Pro-cras-tin-ation. Yep. I know it well.

  11. How DID you find a bargain tutu that perfectly matched your chair and makes for wonderful photos too.

    I love Olivia - she is just wonderfully funny.

  12. I love the tutu and the shoes with it! Wonderful pics!

    I, too, find myself procrastinating. I'm quite good at it, if I do say so myself.

  13. oh..the tutu chucks..what a great combo! I miss blind melon..such a great band.

  14. How funny that we both wrote about procrastinating yesterday. Maybe there's something in the air? Or maybe it's just natural? We must all procrastinate, right? I mean, it's not just you and me..can't be. But yeah...I totally get you. I wrote the beginning of 2 different books last week (a paragraph for each) and I haven't been back to it since. How can I with all the laundry to do, cookies to bake, organizing, coloring, and dish-washing there is?

  15. wow...just love the shoes and the tutu! Have a great weekend :)

  16. Beautiful photos! I love the tutu and the color! I'm a fellow procrastinator so I feel you. Have a great weekend.

  17. Procrastinating is the one thing in my life I've mastered.

    Change is my husband's favorite Blind Melon song, too. I have too many. The whole Nico album to start with. Reminds me of college. :)

  18. These are so cute - love these shots


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