13 Favorite Things...In Pictures

Thursday, May 23, 2013

13 random favorite things of mine, in pictures...
What about YOU?
What would be on your list?

1. summer days
2. Ferris wheels
3. happy mugs
4. country roads
5. art supplies
6. vintage linens
7. summer baseball
8. polka dots! on polka dots
9. turquoise buildings in Florida
10. little corners in my office
11. picnic lunches
12. gorgeous pre-sunset light
13. play libraries


The next few days... until next Wednesday actually, are going to be totally and completely CRAZY busy.
Memorial Day weekend will be fun, but super busy... Charlotte has her little kindergarten graduation tomorrow... how did that happen?
We're having 15 kids over after school today for ice cream sundaes... How did THAT happen?
Have I completely lost it?
Mama is gona need a cocktail come 5:30...

Have a great Thursday everyone!


  1. Haha - - sounds like you have some crazy days ahead! What a great momma :)

    These pictures are gorgeous! My favorite is by far the ferris wheel, though. Beautiful!!

  2. Such pretty pictures and wonderful, beautiful favourite things.

  3. have a cocktail and have fun!!! have a great weekend :)

  4. I love this. Gorgeous pix! I ditto lots of your fav things: polk-a-dots, summer days, sunsets, country roads.... :)

  5. I like the turquoise buildings in Florida, but not the granny pink. You've seen them. They are almost salmon and smell like it, too. Its almost like they should have a sign "granny lives here" ... I think I might have issues. Ahem.

    I adore summer fairs, and playing in the water, and spending time with the bambinos, and HOT HOT HOT days, and ... your photography :)


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