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Monday, July 15, 2013

Hey there... and Happy Monday!

So last Monday I decided the kids and I would hit the road Wednesday for a little get-away.
My aunt + uncle were headed to Nashville and she invited us to come to their house and stay for a few days.
It was just exactly what we all needed, that's for sure.

It is a beautiful, peaceful + relaxing place in the country.
Good for the soul.
So good.

Since they say half of the fun is getting there, we took our time, went down the country roads-as in serious dirt roads, and stopped and took
pictures whenever I wanted, which is the best part.
I love driving and not being in a hurry so I can pull over on a whim,  whenever I want.
The morning started out with a torrential downpour which delayed our leaving a little, but half way into the drive the sun was out and it didn't
rain again while we were gone.

I love the feeling when you get out into the country and just immediately feel relaxed... it is in part because I'm away from home and everything that
entails,  and also just simply because it is quiet and peaceful and calm.
I love that.
The kids fished, and never did catch anything, but my little guy didn't seem to mind too much.
They built little houses out of moss and sticks for Charlotte's calico critters, they played in the potting shed which they renamed the "Artist's Studio"
and explored everything around them.

We ate supper and breakfast out on the screened porch surrounded by woods, listened to the frogs in the ponds at night and saw
 two deer and countless butterflies, dragonflies, birds and fish.

And a few of my favorite Instagram's from our little Road Trip....

My aunt just had this little potting shed; aka: Artist's Studio built and it was by far, the kid's favorite thing. 
They took their pencils and notebooks in there and Wyatt was giving Charlotte art lessons and then she gave me art lessons.... so much fun.
The coolest thing? That red door on the left-hand side is a dutch door.
Let me tell ya folks, a dutch door = hours of fun!


That little get-away was much needed.
So thankful for a few awesome days with just me and the kids...
BUT, isn't it funny how literally the second you get home it's business as usual including
 the arguing that was on a bit of a vacation, too?
Have a great day.
Come back here tomorrow and join me for Coffee.


  1. What a beautiful adventure! I love those kind of road trips:)

  2. it looks so peaceful and sunshine-y!!! your shots are gorgeous... and I am total in love with the 2nd photo of the queen ann's lace!!!!!

  3. That looks like the PERFECT ... PERRRRRRFECT getaway. Wow! Just wow. I want that getaway. Fishing and country roads and cricket choruses... LE flippin Sigh!

    Comin back for a beer (er coffee) tomorrow.

  4. Nashville!! I love that show and city. Great pics as always Amy.

  5. I loved every second of that getaway hon!
    Story book stuff!!
    M xx


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