Favorite Iphone Apps :: Part 2

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hey there.
Happy Wednesday to ya.
That means the week is almost half way over and we are looking forward to a long holiday
So today I wanted to share a few of my current favorite Iphone photography apps.
I say current because my favorites change all the time, there is just so many fun apps out there.
I talked about some of my favorite Iphone apps a few months ago here; Part 1.

Tons of filters, frames and options
Super easy to use, not complicated... this app might have my favorite filters on it.

Magic Hour Lite
Check out the textures and frames on this one.
Love, love, love it.
This ferris wheel pictures is one of my favorites, the color and texture really adds something to
the photo that really makes it stand out.

by Hipstamatic
LOVE this photo booth app so much
There are a bunch of these out there but I like this one a lot because you can save the whole photo
strip to your phone or share in instagram/facebook/twitter, etc but you can also save just one of the
pictures on the strip like this extreme close-up of me below. Yikes.
I love that it saves you the time of going in and cropping out a single picture if you want.

The photo strip above I just put into a collage frame with PicMonkey.
I love those shots of my silly little niece and I really love the black and white.
Again, this shot of me below is a single photo from a photo strip of four.
How fun is that?


I love that all of these apps give you so much creative freedom.
When I take "real pictures" with my Nikon I do not normally do a whole lot of editing to them
but with my iphone I love to add texture, frames, play around with the filters, etc.
It's just a cool, easy and different way to capture all the little things in your day.

So what are your favorite photo apps?
Which ones do you use the most?
I'd love to hear.


  1. how fun!!! always love your instagram shots! i'm going to check to see if any {please!!!} of these are available for android :)

  2. so so fun!
    I also love Diptic because you can make collages right in your phone, so so fuN!
    I use the most:

    Photo Collage
    ShakeIt PHoto
    quad Camera
    Square Ready
    camera +

    those are my top used ones!!!

    thanks for showing me MORE!

  3. Tried to install IncrediBooth and stuck on waiting to install.

    Tried a method to fix apps waiting on this website but never get it work.

    Any idea?


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